Psychological Aftermath of Justifiable Homicide

An Interview with Andy BrownAndy Brown

Interview by Gila Hayes

When I first met Andy Brown in 2009 at a class taught by Massad Ayoob, he modestly spoke about experiences leading up to and following his nearly 70-yard shooting, which stopped a mass murderer who was killing people at the Fairchild Air Force Base hospital on June 20, 1994.

I was pleased recently to learn that Brown has written a book, Warnings Unheeded, in which he details the events preceding the shooting, as well as another deadly incident at Fairchild Air Force Base in June of 1994. Both stories emphasize how dangerous it is to delay resolving known dangers. This book is reviewed later in this journal, and for those unfamiliar with the Fairchild AFB hospital shooting, reading the book review first may help to set the context for this interview.

Brown kindly provided a pre-release copy of Warnings Unheeded, an impressive analysis not only of the many warnings that predicted tragedy, but also details of the incidents as well as candid observations about the aftermath. Unfortunately, Brown’s heroic act created a lot of private suffering for him. In hopes of helping others avoid some of what befell him, Brown agreed to an interview focusing on post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) difficulties after a critical incident.

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President’s Message

Marty eJournal column pixGun Safety and Reloading

by Marty Hayes, J.D.

Network member Rob from Ohio sent me this email after reading last month’s President’s Message regarding gun safety and unintentional discharges. I found his question thought provoking, and wanted to answer it here.


I just finished reading your journal article on safe gun handling and would like to have your position on reload technique. I have read and seen the reload technique of raising the pistol to eye level with the barrel pointed skyward.

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Attorney Question of the Month


Recently, one of our members called to chat about having an unintentional discharge of a firearm, which exited his house and possibly struck a neighbor’s house. The neighbor was not aware of it and did not suffer any harm from the incident. The member wanted to know if he should call the police and self-report the incident. It was such a good question, subject to variables like political climate in one’s specific location and other concerns, that we pushed the question out to our affiliated attorneys as this month’s question. Here is what we asked–
If this person had been one or your clients, how would you have advised him, and why?

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Book Review

Warnings Cover front v3

Warnings Unheeded: Twin Tragedies at Fairchild Air Force Base

By Andy Brown, SSgt, USAF, Ret.
To be released Nov. 5, 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9978634-0-6
372 pages, paperback, $19.99
Purchase at

Reviewed by Gila Hayes

Writing the foreword to the new book Warnings Unheeded, our advisory board member Massad Ayoob comments that Andy Brown literally “rode to the sound of guns,” adding, “Andy reminds us all that uncorrected recklessness can be every bit as deadly as unchecked madness and malice.”

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News from our Affiliates


Compiled by Josh Amos

It is November and time for a networking update for all of our members. As we gear up for 2017, a lot of good things are happening here at the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network. Our newest development is that we have launched a second Facebook page to serve as a sister site to our popular legal issues discussion page on Facebook. The new page, focused on promoting Network membership, can be found at You will know you have the correct page when you see our name and logo with the scales of justice superimposed over the picture of our advisory board. Please come and have a look at all the content on the page and then give us a “Like.”

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Editor’s Notebook


by Gila Hayes

The Network started affiliating with attorneys back in 2008 when, in response to our member-education lectures on DVD about preparing for the legal aftermath of a shooting, members told us they were having trouble taking action on recommendations to select an attorney before needing to call one after self defense. “How hard can that be?” we innocently exclaimed.

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About this Journal


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