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Instructor Affiliates

Network Affiliated Instructors are firearms and self-defense instructors who are telling their students about the Network. Distributing our popular 20-page booklet What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law, these instructors are not only increasing their students' grasp of what happens after a self-defense incident, but also explaining the Network's protections to gun owners who can then join the Network.
If you are looking for concealed carry licensing classes, firearms and self-defense training, we encourage you to check out the Network Affiliated Instructors in your area, who you can find through this link.

For information about becoming an affiliated instructor, please see this link, call 888-508-3404 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request information about the Network's Affiliated Instructor program.

Affiliated Attorneys

Our Network Affiliated Attorneys are gun-friendly lawyers who allow the Network to share their contact information with Network members. While Network members are always free to select their own attorney--without regard for whether the attorney they prefer is affiliated with the Network or not--we strongly advise all Network members to consult with an attorney in their area to be sure they understand use of deadly force law, what to expect from the criminal justice system after self defense, and to obtain contact information for an attorney they can call in the aftermath of self defense. Network members may view a list of Network Affiliated Attorneys in their area or in areas to which they will be traveling after logging in using codes provided when they joined the Network.

Network members often express their appreciation for the comfort of setting up an initial consultation with a Network Affiliated Attorney, knowing that they will be speaking with a fellow gun owner who is sympathetic to their concerns and who can offer guidance that will help keep the armed citizen out of problems. The Network member may also choose to call on the Affiliated Attorney with whom they have consulted as a "first responder" after a self-defense incident to counsel the member during questioning and give guidance on other issues during the aftermath of acting in self defense. 
Attorneys who practice criminal law and are also gun owners and interested in extending to Network members the services described above are invited to fill in this form.